Getting our own place will be the culmination of a long process. Certainly a long legal process, which appears to be endless, but which I know will seem brief when we look back on it. Something we never anticipated of course was that our eventual destination would include a house. A huge amount of time and effort went into designing something that would be a fine place in which to live, from the materials that we chose.

Our original timber frame, low impact house design
Now we have a somewhat less organic building with which to work, although underneath the concrete render lies a solid granite cottage, so we have thermal mass. Underneath the corrugated tin roof, still sits the original roundwood pegged frame, once we remove decades of ‘improvement’. The house is aligned east-west, so one side of it faces due south, which is a good start. 
The challenge is to take this badly abused, traditional stone cottage, and coax it back to life, using the same materials that we’d intended to use on our ‘new’ house. 


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