Sorry those of you who might have wanted to come on our ‘build a compost toilet’ course – we had to go ahead and build it early, and the course won’t be happening now. We needed to get our truck ready for visitors early, and having the loo nearby was a part of that. This won’t be our last one though (you can never have too many compost loos) so another chance will come if you yearn to learn more them.

This one is a ‘treebog’ design, so it’ll be feeding a load of planted willow, and as well as a magnificent view of the Mournes, it features it’s own rainwater collection for the handwashing sink, the output from which further waters the willow that is planted around it.  We’ve put in some proper paths (no more mud) and some little willow retaining fences. Just some pallet decking around the truck, and a coat of paint, and we’re there.