The last week has been a mad whirlwind as we arrive on site. Our truck got towed in on Monday, and amazingly, I managed to reverse it into the little drive and park up in front of the cottage. At this point we discovered just how much the drive slopes…..
Cue some hasty ramp making on Tuesday, to straighten things up. Our second visit from the electricity company, again ended up with no power – our earth just isn’t good enough apparently, so more trenches will have to be dug, and more copper cable laid in an attempt to placate NIE.
Meanwhile Brendan and I have battered away at the interior of the cottage, removing the masses of cement render on the walls, and revealing the (somewhat tatty, if characterful) stonework.
The scenery here is simply amazing, and we have been blessed with fantastic weather this week, which makes it even better. On Wednesday the horses arrived, and have settled into their new home quite happily, which is a relief.
Only the chickens to collect on Friday, and our whole brood will be in one place. At last! Looking forward to Sunday with our helpers.