We are often asked for links to, and information about the sorts of things that go on here at Lackan Cottage Farm, and so here is a selection of those that we feel might be useful. There are so many things out there, but we’ll try and update this list as we remember them. Books especially – there are so many its impossible to list them all.

Websites – 

Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI)

Lammas / Tir Y Gafel eco village

Living in the Future – short film series

Simon Dale – Hobbit House

Tribal Living

Films for Action

Centre for Alternative Technology

WWOOF Ireland – volunteering

WWOOF UK – volunteering

The Land Workers Alliance


Off the Grid – Duncan Kerridge et al

The Water Book – Judith Thornton

A Pattern Language – Christopher Alexander

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse – Tony Wrench

The birth of an eco village – Paul Wimbush

The Earth Care Manual – Patrick Whitefield

Everything from LILI Publications –

Shelter – Lloyd Khan

Films You Should Watch

Garbage Warrior


Living in the Future

The end of suburbia

A farm for the future (youtube)