In this, our first year of growing here at Lackan Cottage Farm, we have been blessed with great abundance. Indeed so great has been the harvest of some produce that we are able to share it with others. Elaine and John from the Turnip House came to visit, and we weighed the evening’s pickings at over 60lbs.  We have a very productive squash plant, these 6lb squash are just a drop in the ocean.



Courgettes – lots of courgettes…



One or two peas…



Small but perfectly formed, the cucamelons. Delicious.

DSCF7241Outside the tunnel, the cornflowers are everywhere.

DSCF7236And we have seen amazing numbers of bees and butterflies this year too.



Elaine in the shadow of the mighty squash plant..



Our wall of peas is still productive, although the heat got to it somewhat.

DSCF7239It really is amazing what will grow in one season.