Ahead of our series of green woodworking courses with Steve Ryan, we’ve been busily making it easier to access the woodland clearing that we’ll be using, starting with some steps into our native tree plantation. Eventually we’ll create a circular walk taking in the new and old woodlands.


We didn’t notice the raised path into the woods for over a year, it was so overgrown, and now it has been opened up, and a couple of walkways built over the wettest areas – (modelled by Missy the dog)


The clearing is in the centre of the woods, and it’s a fabulous spot for some woodturning –



The little cabin in the woods has been there a long time, as you can see by the incredible layers of moss that have colonised the tin roof.


From the outside, the clearing and hut are all but invisible.


and in the early morning the woods take on a magical quality as dew covers the thousands of tiny cobwebs.