The countryside around us is full of empty cottages and farmsteads, some of which have had modern bungalows built next to them, but many of which (like this one), simply lie empty. This one  is up beyond us, totally hidden from view in the fields, and has no electricity. When the elderly farmer passed away, it was still lit by paraffin lamps, and is totally unmodernised, but by the same token, it hasn’t been ‘messed around with’.
It is stone built, with a lime render, and has amazing small pane sash windows at the back. One feature that I particularly like is the guttering brackets made of horseshoes –

There are so many of these little places around that I could probably feature one every day – with a housing crisis, and planning permission hard to obtain in  rural areas, surely it would be sensible to offer them with grants to folk who need the accommodation.

I’m hoping to find out who owns this one and get a look inside. It’d be a shame if it is left to become derelict.