Course Date: 22-23 April.
Cost:£60 for 2 days including lunch

Compost toilets are wonderful things. Whether you want to build one to save water, or simply because you need a loo on an allotment or remote location, there is something to suit you.

Compost loos turn waste into useful fertiliser, and they are straightforward to build.

On this course we’ll look at the basics of composting humanure, types of compost loo, do’s and dont’s and we’ll be building a ‘treebog’ type composting toilet over the course of 2 days. You’ll be learning basic rustic timber building using local wany edged boards, and recycled wood. This is a simple low cost design that can easily be replicated or adapted to suit your needs. 

Steve has built a number of composting toilets of various designs, and loves to help others to create their own. This is a practical course covering the whole construction process, and we’ll be building something that is not only practical but lovely to behold..

Cost: £60 for the two days, includes a hot lunch both days.

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