One year on…..

One year on…..

For a while there we thought it might never be sunny again, but once again we are enjoying the warmth, and  the knowledge that the sun is providing our electricity and an increasing amount of our hot water.  All around us the place is bursting into life, and the brown...
Off grid

Off grid

  It isn’t a huge amount of solar, but it’s enough to allow us to manage almost entirely without the mains grid.  (The washing machine is too much for this system).  We have, in theory, enough power to keep us going for 5 days in the event of it being...

Dead wind turbine

We returned home today to discover that the wind turbine had suffered a catastrophic failure and lost all three blades. 2 of them were embedded firmly in the ground below the turbine, and one has yet to be found. I repaired one of them a week ago, and straightening...

Wind generator ups and downs

For a seemingly simple setup, the wind turbine certainly involves a lot more that I ever thought it would. A lot of folk with ‘big’ turbines certainly view the small, chinese made end of the market as very suspect, but my view has always been that at least...
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