Improving our water treatment and storage

Improving our water treatment and storage

We really enjoyed the recent permaculture weekend course, and one of the exercises we regularly do is to ask participants to look at our site and see if they can come up with suggestions or improvements. We got several great ones this time around and so set about acting on them. The first was the observation that the area around the pond was being wasted

Well well

Well well

You may recall that three years ago (it might be four) we realised that we had a well in the garden, although it turned out to have been used as a drain for a long time and took a lot of cleaning. Anyhow, clean it we did and at the time it passed the environmental...

An unexpected find

  One of the best things about living where we do, is that Turleys hardware store is nearby. Turleys is one of those places that sell everything. Well, almost. I have yet to be disappointed by them, and occasionally they really come up trumps. Back in the late...

Water, water everywhere..

A slightly random picture to celebrate the fact that my plumbing initiation is over, and that we have piping hot water from all the taps, heated purely by the sun, and that nothing is leaking, for the time being at least. Of all the jobs in the house, plumbing is...

Hydraulic Ram Pumps

Ram pumps are fantastic things – no external power required, and they can shift water over fairly large heights. Ideal if you want to pump from a stream up a hill. This video demonstrates really well just how they work –

Turning the tap on

Lets face it, installing 1000 litre rainwater storage tank was always going to guarantee us some sunshine, and so it was that we had a week of glorious weather.All good things come to an end of course, and so it was that today we got some serious rain, and a nice,...