So today the noisy power steering was cured, principally by adding power steering fluid……lesson for the day check the obvious stuff.
Put the newly tested alternator back on, and started to check the wiring – looks as though the fuse box is missing a couple of relays, and the connectors were dodgy.
Also discovered that I never finished wiring the rear lights, and that none of them contain bulbs, so the next job is to put new bulbs in everything, wire them up and see what works.
Also cured the noisy windscreen wipers, which began working once plugged in……
Lastly found the cause of the spongy clutch, which was a leaking master cylinder, a second hand one from ebay that wasn’t up to the job.
Rounded off the day by spending yet another £60 or so on a brand new master cylinder. Will at least be one less thing to malfunction once fitted.


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