Another extraordinarily wet volunteer day on Monday, but undaunted, the team made a start on the cob and cordwood wall at the front of the roundhouse. In the morning we learned how to cut wine bottles in half, using a glass cutter and hot and cold water, and then after lunch everyone got stuck in to the messy business of making cob and getting the wall started.
We have some enormous pieces of old telegraph pole on site, and so used those at the bottom of the wall as they are treated, and probably won’t ever rot. The rest of the timber is all from the surrounding woodland.
The top half of these walls will most likely include windows of some kind, as it is south facing, as we want to make the most of the light.
Next we’ll be completing these walls, and making a start on the low stone stem wall on which will sit the strawbales that are to form the rest of the walls. It’s all coming together…