At the end of our second week, and we are within £100 of being at the two thirds stage in our bid to raise money and build an eco classroom here at the farm. In the process we’ve got to know loads of new people, and will hopefully get to meet many of them in person,both on the courses we’ll be running as rewards for them pledging funds to the campaign,and by people spreading the word about what we’re up to. In case you weren’t around the last week or two, we want to build a space in which we can hold courses, classes, meetings,events,film nights  – all sorts of things, and we are crowdfunding it, so many people give some money, and in return we offer a range of rewards. Everything from planting a native tree, to coming on a course, to spending time in our tipi here. If by Saturday 28 June we have raised our target of £3000, then fantastic. If not, we get nothing.

So if you have helped already – thank you, your support is amazing, and if you haven’t had the opportunity yet, please consider pledging, and pass the link on to your friends –

Once we have this facility, we’ll be able to host events year round, and we’ll be offering it to other groups to come and use as well, so many will benefit.

We loved making the video,but its harder than it looks, and we had a lot of outtakes….

Crowdfunding isn’t easy from Lackan Cottage Farm on Vimeo.