Electric Octopus playing Turnipstock 2016 from Lackan Cottage Farm on Vimeo.

While we weren’t looking, the summer came and went, but we saw it out in style at the Benraw Creative Convivium up at the Turnip House. Our tipi went on tour, the sun shone, and the marvellous Electric Octopus stole the show, playing on the lawn in front of the best backdrop you could ask for.  It’s a lot easier to get to the front of the crowd than Glastonbury, and with considerably less mud.

Our last wwoofers of the season came along, and after an entertaining two weeks with Tori (and Felix) we were back to being empty nesters.


Now we’re adjusting to life as self catering hosts, too, as folk come and go from Birch Cottage. It is odd having visitors that don’t come and eat with us but we’re getting used to the idea that they are independent of the comings and goings on the farm.

Some of the most picturesque weather happens at this time of the year, if you’re up early, and so it was that I caught some great shots of the place waking up one morning –


The ducks are always up and about early..


The dome looking like it may just have landed, bringing a bit of moonscape with it..


The mountains looking mysterious in the distance.



But as always happens at this time of year, we get the first proper winds – two years ago we lost the big sycamore at this time of year (or was it last year, I lose track).


Today it is the turn of the reeds to take a battering, and we’re hoping that the trees are all still standing come the morning. Tis very windy indeed out there –


The wind turbine is going pretty much flat out there – the VRM system only samples it every few seconds so it looks like it is dropping off when it’s definitely not. Needless to say we’ve done a lot of washing today in order to use up all the power.


In other news, here’s the pond we made when Daisy was here, and already it is looking incredibly well established. Thankfully the ducks haven’t discovered it yet and are still busy wrecking the big pond –