The past two winters have involved a constant battle to find enough wood fuel to keep us warm, and at times when trudging around in sleet and snow to retrieve sodden timber from the woods has been nothing short of miserable. So this spring we built the lovely new woodshed, on the basis that ‘build it and they will come’. And didn’t it just.

Several tonnes of gifted ash and sycamore later, combined with 60+ pallets, several tonnes of a fallen fir tree, a tonne of larch, and most recently another 5 or 6 tonnes of what might be larch, and we have gone from feast to famine. Our shelter can hold 24 cubic metres of split wood, and it is now over half full –


A reassuring sight, to be sure. And almost the same amount again to go in here. So we hope that this will keep us going for winter 2014/15 and 2015/16, and that finally we are ahead of the game. Allowing us to continue thinning and coppicing in the woods.