The cob fireplace gets its first proper layer
Today I thought I’d try and get the heating sorted out in the roundhouse, and so several barrow loads of cob mix later and here are the results. It’ll need a fine finish layer, but its getting there. The actual chamber is a ceramic chimonea, which is surrounded by old bricks to give it mass. These are then set into place with cob, adding further mass. 

The idea is that once it all heats up, it will continue to emit warmth into the house even once the fire has died down.

The flue will pass up an old bit of twin-wall, through a flashing in the roof of the little lantern that I’ve build at the top of the roof.

Here it is ready to go up top…
And once added. All thats left now is to make a little waterproof ‘lid’ and add the flashing for the flue to pass through.