12 or so years ago, when I briefly had a little money, pretty much the first thing I did was rush out and buy myself a truck. Pretty much the first one I saw too, which for someone who did up horseboxes, wasn’t the smartest move. It was just the biggest non HGV Ford Cargo I’d ever seen, and as it turned out, one of the heaviest.
┬áBack then I did actually need one for moving horses about, but the way things worked out, the truck sat, and didn’t really do a lot of horse moving. Then it sat some more, and suddenly 6 years or more had passed, and suddenly the truck needed a lot of work and money to get it back into a legal and usable state as it had sat outside doing very little.
3 more years passed, and I decided that the time had come to either scrap the truck or renovate it, and I couldn’t bring myself to scrap it, and so I set to work – a winter spent underneath cleaning, painting and generally sorting out the chassis and running gear. I figured that I’d fix up the cab next.
Another year later, and I realised that the cab was beyond salvage. It was either paper thin or rusty or both. By this time I’d gathered up all manner of spares from salvagers and ebay, but none were any good without a cab. On and it was a tipping cab that couldn’t be tipped and had been coachbuilt in.
A tip off from the local Ford dealer, led me to a guy who had stored a whole cab, years earlier and now wanted rid of it. It was in amazing condition, so I bought it back, got it all cleaned and primed up, and cut off the old knackered cab and removed the panelling around it.
This allowed me to sort out the engine – a good service, new rad, alternator, pipework and hoses, and filter changes. Also the front brakes got stripped down and sorted out.
Unfortunately the only way to put the new cab on was by carrying it and pushing it into place by hand, which was fun…
Then the laborious process of building it all back up, discovering that it was a 24v cab, and having to replace its wiring loom with the old 12v one, and then fitting and repanelling around it all once more.
Then I gutted the interior of the truck completely, took out all the windows…..and ran out of money, again.
There the truck sat for another 2 years, until I split up with my partner and had to move it to a new barn.
This gave me the impetus to get going again, and finally I set about the process of finally fitting out the interior, and getting the old girl back on the road, and here we are…..


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