This week began with the building of the new fireplace, which will be home to our gas bottle woodburner. As you can see it’s pretty dark there, and so the next job was to tackle the roof windows. I’d looked around everywhere for second hand veluxes, but no joy, and I found the excellent Duratech windows, which even allowing for delivery to Northern Ireland were a good bit cheaper, and seem to be well made.
I don’t think that they’re really designed to be installed into an old corrugated tin roof, but we worked it out, and they seem fine. Here’s the first one being fitted –

and at the end of the next day with all five windows installed, and mercifully leak-free.

The roof will get a rub down and a coat of paint now that the windows are in. Have a look at the difference the new windows make to the living room – here’s the fireplace again –

released from the gloom at last. And a few pictures of the work in progress –

The living room….

The bedroom (those will be shelves on the right), and yes this bit is small, but big enough to build the bed into..

Looking out of the bed area, little niches there in the wall, a
and loft above..

and looking from the kitchen to the curved wall of the bit outside the bathroom, and bedroom beyond.