The first step was to strip off all the aluminium skirting and locker doors in order to get at the steel frame underneath, and to provide better access to the chassis and running gear for cleaning.

Once this was done, the interior was also stripped – taking out all the cupboards from the living; stripping out the ceiling liner and the carpet from the walls. This has left me with a bare plywood interior ready for cladding.

The next step, and the most unpleasant, was wire brushing the entire steel skirt frames and chassis, as well as degreasing the engine bay.

At this stage, all the coolant pipes were removed, cleaned back to bare metal, and given several coats of paint ready for replacement.

Also all the power steering pipes and pump were cleaned and checked, the fuel and oil filters changed, and all the fuel lines checked.

The final job here was to clean all the brake lines and fittings, replacing any parts as necessary.

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