It’s amazing how a couple of days without rain make such a difference – suddenly we are making great progress. More of the fruit bushes are making their way down to the field, and out of pots, (at last, we’ve been carting them around for an age), and the compost heap is established, and already growing.

Len returned to finish off the chimney flashings, and very fine they look too. For the first time in decades, they are watertight, and a bit more cottage can dry out.
After  a few near misses on the ground, we got the solar panels up on to the roof, too, which should help our beleagured batteries.
Also, just when we were starting to despair, and I’d had a lively conversation with some poor soul at a call centre, a BT engineer appeared to finally make our line work, so now we can blog properly again, and I might actually get a bit of work done.
All the lights now work too, and by lunchtime, the sockets had joined in, and what with the water coming out of our solitary tap nice and warm, I was seriously considering moving in.
Tomorrow we’re to start on the lime-hemp plaster, ahead of a few days of visiting helpers coming to lend a hand, and with three tonnes of the stuff to get onto the walls, we’ll have our work cut out.