First day in the truck, and I’ve been very aware of all the new noises. It’s rather like being in an old house as things move around in the wind. The occasional chugging of the water pump; the ticking noises as the water heater fires up; odd groans as the wind buffets the old bus. Getting used to the noises that mean all is well, and those that mean trouble will take a while.
I’m also paranoid about water leaks. There was water everywhere the first time I primed the system, and though all the leaks are fixed now, I have to keep checking to see if there are any tell tale signs of fresh wetness.
Hugely satisfying to have the first cup of tea in here for about 10 years, and to discover that hot water does indeed flow from the shower, though I’ve yet to discover just how much.
The other surprise is that the old truck battery that I have relied on for power so far, is already struggling a bit when the pump is going. Going to have to invest in the new batteries and solar pretty sharpish, by the looks if it.
As it was a horrible windy day outside, I got the woodburner lit, and thankfully the place was toasty warm in about 10 minutes. The WaftOMatic works well too, pulling the warm air through to the kitchen area nicely.
So, no more excuses now really, apart from the outside needing a coat of paint, and it’s time to move in properly.