All the recent work involving composting toilets raised an important question – as the treebog is supposed to be as ‘dry’ as possible, could there be a use for all that unwanted pee. Granted that’s probably not a question people are asking very often, but it’s one that needed an answer.
This turns out to be very simple, and for the organic gardener, very handy. Urine appears to be a very good fertilizer. Diluted when fresh, it seems to be as good as modern chemical fertilizers. Don’t take my word for it – here’s a recent news story –
I’ll not go into the details of collection – suffice to say that a 2 litre coke bottle fills up surprisingly quickly, and diluted 10:1, that’s 20 litres of top quality liquid fertilizer. I’d already combined this with applications of wood ash, which according to a Finnish boffin, should result in a bumper crop.
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