Donned my suit today to go to Stormont and talk to Ken Robinson MLA about the Heritage Crafts Association.
Ken seems genuinely interested in the concept of preserving our intangible cultural heritage, and had come across several examples where only one or two individuals were practising skills that without intervention will vanish forever.
Also the current vogue in education for pushing all pupils towards an academic future, whatever their level of ability was a bugbear, and we agreed that for many, prectical skills and trades would be a more suitable path that is becoming harder to follow.
My next step apparently is to approach DCAL, (Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure), and then with any luck, make a presentation to them about the HCA and the issues surrounding heritage crafts.
It all seems hopeful, and it was good of Ken to give the subject as much time as he did in what is obviously a very busy environment.


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