Some covered growing space was really going to be needed this year if I was to be serious about my veg growing, and having nearly fainted at the price of commercial polytunels, I looked first at making my own – not so hard but still a fair bit of stuff to find / buy. Then I saw some cheap tunnels on ebay – the frames are 1″ but the steel isnt great, there’s very little bracing, and the covers arent brilliant.
However, bracing is easily made, and the cover will do a few seasons, so I plumped for a 20×10 foot one and its great, if not terribly high inside.

The idea is that it will get me started, given that my budget was tiny, and then I can go for something a little more sturdy once Ive a couple of seasons growing under my belt.
Bracing was made from 1″ plastic electrical ducting, and the brackets simply pressed in a vice from bits of scrap aluminium. I also added some plates to the bottoms of the legs to hold it in ┬áplace.


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