Now that the thing moves, and the mechanical work is done, it’s time to prep the bodywork, and repanel the skirts and round the cab. Turns out there’s some rot in the framework under the luton but nothing bad, so a good job the panelling came off anyhow.

After a day and a half of sanding, I’m 3/4 of the way round the body. Some ferocious star cracks in the paint and glasonite on the horse’s bottom side, but they’ll come out. Am going to line the interior with 1/2″ ply as currently theres not much between horse and outside world. Also the partition wall doesnt seem to be anchored to the external wall, so that’s getting a bracket to pull it all together.

Will have to make up new mounts for the partitions as the old ones weigh about half a ton, and are way too big. Also have to make any holes for tie-rings etc in the glasonite now, before I begin painting.


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