Sometimes it is astonishing how a single moment defines a tipping point in our lives. This week it has surely been the heartbreaking image of the body of a three year old boy washed up on a beach as his family flee Syria.  That it took such a thing to happen is tragic, but what we are now seeing is nothing short of momentous.  It is clear to most citizens that the UK government will either take no action, or will promise action when enough pressure is put on it, and so people are simply organising themselves. Here in Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity group has sprung up, and in a couple of days, local coordinators have volunteered all over the country, organising collection points for vital supplies, which will be trucked down to Cork and onwards to France, with the generous support of the ferry company who are taking them across.

You can help by: Finding out if there is a group in your area; Join your local group for info; Donate cash? ; Donate goods? Donate time and co ordination expertise? Sort storage? Transport? Go to Calais? Go to Cork. Keep an eye on the ‘Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity’ Page.

Here is a list of things that are needed –



Click here to visit the facebook group and find out more about ways in which you can help. Even if it is only a little, please do what you can.