The problem with the Cargo (and any 20 year old truck, probably) is that it corrodes. Not just a wee bit, but spectacularly. This truck is no exception….

The cab floor, door pillars, box sections under the floor, steps, doors.. totally beyond salvage. After a bit of patching I quickly decided the only way to go was with a new cab…

Trouble is, finding a new, 2o year old cab isn’t likely. The answer came from a chance find – a guy in Greyabbey had one that had been containerised for 8 years and then taken out and repaired but never used. Its 90% original and the repairs were well done, so is 100% solid.

The only way to make sure it doesnt end up like the old one is a lot of protection. Red oxide primer up top, waxoyl underseal below, and waxoyl in the box sections.

Here is the new cab sitting on a temporary mount awaiting fitting. It had a lot of additional wiring so has been stripped back to the basic loom to match our truck.

The cab back has to be cut out before the thing is lifted onto our chassis. By hand. A team of large people is being assembled to do the lift as we can’t get access to the front of the truck with the JCB.


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