Well, Lyra is six months old today, and here she is with her first wooden spoon, which she seems to think is extremely tasty. She’s thriving in our ‘new’ home, which is of course six months old too – nothing like a deadline to get the work done.  She should be a hardy wee soul after the weather we’ve had, and we spend a lot of time sitting by the range in the kitchen, Stoking the fire and talking to the passing hens.

The heart of our home

The heart of our home

I often wonder whether she’ll like this rural lifestyle when she grows up, or whether she’ll rebel and want to go and live in a city.  Hopefully we’ll give her the chance to live without a lot of the pressures of rising energy and food prices. Having a child certainly makes you even crosser at the madness of the decisions made by almost all politicians – I’m not sure our Lyra will thank them for what they are doing at the moment. The world is changing, something fundamental is happening to us all, and only some can, or will, see it. You can be sure that this little person will be ready for it though.

On a lighter note, it is amazing to look at what has happened here in just six short months. It feels like we have been here forever – so many new friends here in the community of Lackan Road and beyond, as well as the amazing volunteers that have ventured from far and wide to help us make it all happen. We have a home, and thankfully our horses now have stables to go into again, and we’ve somewhere to keep our feed and tools.


Our hens certainly love the place, and are keen to join us here in the cottage.  As spring has arrived, our growing field has taken shape, the beds are ready to plant, newly planted trees are budding, bulbs are coming through, and there is almost an air of expectancy at the rush of growth that is waiting to happen. Soon the start lines of the new paths will begin to vanish beneath fruit and vegetables, and before long we wil be rushing through our first harvest and Lyra’s first birthday. Where does the time go?