Although it might not look it here, we are finally seeing a lot of young vegetables growing and are reaping the benefit of the new tunnel in this not-quite-spring.  Hundreds of young seedlings are coming on in modules, and the first of those have been planted out this weekend. Claire has started Patrick Whitefield’s Land Course Online,  and we are already seeing ideas filtering down from the material. Here is a row of Irish Peas, which as they grow will act as a windbreak for the plants growing on their lee side. They are aligned north-south, so either side should see plenty of sun, but will protect from the wind coming from the east. They’re growing on the side of a high raised bed so will be protected until they are more established.



At last the grass is growing up, and the poached muddy field is starting to recover. Over the winter the stones we used to edge paths have been blasted clean by the rain and wind, but are now softening as vegetation grows around them.



Our garlic crop is coming up well, mulched with straw, which is keeping the weeds at bay and holding warmth in the soil. The big raised beds are now all planted, and with any luck this scene will soon look a lot greener….



The end of a rare sunny day, as the sun sets behind the birch wood.