Going to need another small section of flue when parked up, but added the cap so that rain doesnt get in for the time being.
And the moment of truth. Relieved to say that it draws really well, and warmed the space up incredibly quickly.
The roof is aluminium, which makes fireproofing easier, and the area around the flue has been lined with heatproof board, just in case. There will be a register plate added at ceilinglevel to finish it off.
Flue arrived from Windy Smithy, so got the woodburner installed – heatproof board round and underneath it,and its screwed very firmly to the floor. 
Got its top half door now too

Bit of window detail

All clad, reclaimed double glazed window and lower half of door fitted
Studwork and cladding for back wall going in

Its nearly as big as the bungalow that I’m living in…
Back of the truck all boarded out, and ceiling lined. Just the back to fill in. Ramp is staying for security.
Wool insulation on the other side of the box
Wool insulation and then foil stuff on top, before ply boarding
Walls getting battened out – also helped to straigten the wonky glasonite
Floored out with ply
Insulating with space blanket. Thats glue on the walls from the old rubber matting, by the way – not horse poo.
Battening out the floor 
Back of the truck after gutting it. Its a glasonite box, so plenty to fix to, but not a lot in the way of insulation.
The living area having been totally gutted. 
The new cab, fitted up, with new steps made, wheelarches, bonnet and doors (all of which had to be replaced, with new or donor parts. It then took 3 years to get as far as fitting the windscreen.
Luckily I found a guy who had stored this cab in a container, years earlier, and never used it. Bar a couple of patches it is as good as any Cargo cab will ever get. All primed and ready to fit. We had to carry it between 4 guys, and lift it on, which  isn’t something I would recommend.
The aftermath of cutting the cab out – because of the fixed luton, tipping it was out of the question, and fitting the new one was a **complete** nightmare
Cab is so totally rotten its beyond repair
The wagon in its original state in 1993


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