The ever helpful Philip from Leisure Batteries Ireland has kindly lent us a Victron 750W Inverter, so that we can get a comparison with his new budget range of inverters that are coming soon.
Our cheap and cheerful modified square wave 500W inverter works pretty well, but it’s not ideal for appliances with motors – for instance my jigsaw is pretty reluctant to start up when powered from the little inverter, and that shouldn’t be a problem with the larger pure sine inverters.
The wind controller from Karasouli is now doing its thing, after a couple of days fiddling around to solve an unusual issue with the date setting. It is certainly a well made, sturdy unit, easy to set up, and the data that it produces is very useful for us geeks. The output includes battery voltage; charging status and turbine performance in Amps. I’d like to combine the data with some wind speed measurements, which would give a complete picture of on site generation conditions.
The new offering from Karasouli – the ICC50 sounds very interesting, as it features wireless connectivity, allowing real time data monitoring – we’ll be testing the new unit when it arrives in a month or so and reporting back.