Although it doesn’t have quite the same feeling of outdoor freedom that the composting loo at the farm had, our new compost throne is very fine, and ready to answer the call of nature. I read somewhere that the difference between a compost loo and a composting loo is that in the former, the composting process happens elsewhere, and in the latter, in the loo itself. For the waterless loo afficionados out there (Bill Gates I hope you’re reading), it is an aerobic separating remote composting waste collection facility, also known as a bucket with sawdust in, and a seperator to divert pee into a container.
The bucket is lined with a compostable bag, which once full(ish) gets put in a composting unit outside, where it will eventually break down into useable compost. The pee, which gets emptied rather more frequently, is diluted to aid the acceleration of the composting process on our regular compost heaps.
Emptying isn’t the loveliest task on earth, but having had horses, dogs and soon a baby, I am fully inured to more or less all poo related horrors.
For the lavatorially curious, here’s a shot of the seperator and ‘collecting chamber’….Oh and yes, everyone has to sit down to use it. Boys with an overwhelming urge to stand up have to go and use the great outdoors.