The growing season is well under way, inside and out, and we’re running to keep up with all the growth. Our rhubarb is positively magnificent, and we’ll probably sell a fair bit, as we just can’t use that much. Onions, garlic and broccoli are well on, and beans of all sorts are thriving. In the small tunnel, sweetcorn, french beans, and strawberries are doing well, and we’re about to transplant all our tomato plants into a prepared bed there.

A mixture of cardboard and woodchip is waiting to be used as mulch – one of the bigger jobs that awaits us, but which is nice on the paths, and seems to work well to keep the weeds at bay.  The fruit trees are in blossom, berries of all kinds are on the way in the fruit bushes, and this year we hope to manage our succession better, so that there isn’t a big glut of produce at one time.  The freezer is a big help too, and broccoli is already being stored away for winter.