Over the last two years, we’ve been working on the ‘other cottage’ behind ours, which was never even mentioned when we bought the place, but which being aligned roughly north-south, gets great light into it through the day, and which always seemed too good to use just as a shed. It has always been one of those things you do in between doing other things, hence it’s been going on so long, but at long last, the end is in sight, and it is nearly complete.  For an afterthought I think it has come up rather well –


I’ll post more fully about it once everything is finally complete, but here’s a few pictures of the work so far. We’ve used local timber (mainly larch) a lot, though there’s cedar worktops, and a lovely elm step. The walls are lime plastered and limewashed  – all six coats of it, and we’ve used clay paint and natural oils on the woodwork.


At less than 50m2, I think it technically qualifies as a ‘tiny house’, but the space feels bigger. With underfloor heating throughout, powered by the woodstove, solar hot water, and wind turbine dump it is certainly snug.


We’ve been able to use our collection of old doors and interesting lumps of wood, for instance to create this lamp –


The flooring timber made up some nice storage in the bedroom –



The whole building is powered and heated using on site renewables, and so as well as being off grid, is carbon neutral in use. A mixture of woodfibre and sheeps wool help to keep the place warm. Soon we’ll be moving in for a while so that we can finish all the jobs that never got done in the big cottage. The next job is outside, where we’ve tidied up the driveway, added gravel drains around the building, and a path to the wash house and woodstore. More of that once the weather improves.