It’s been a busy month to say the least, but more of that later. Last week we were in Wales, and spent a few days at the PontYGafel farmhouse plotting the building of our empire, and exploring all the local towns. 
 The Tir Teg group is getting well established now, and here they all are above. (picture courtesty of Paul/Lammas).
Clare was kind enough to take us to see a dolmen on the nearby Dolwilym estate, where her son is living. Hidden in a valley, down a couple of miles of track is the most amazing place. Part retreat, part recording studio, part architectural salvage heaven, it was truly something else – 
and the ‘Cuckoo House’ – 
They do self catering – definitely worth a visit if you can afford it… –
So to Tir Teg – plans are well under way, and we are now in the thick of setting down how exactly we are going to live on our (currently mythical) plot. 
Its all incredibly involved, but great to do, and we’re learning lots along the way, particularly about the labyrinthine planning regulations that are to come. Only a month now and we’ll be handing the results of our labour over to Paul for inspection. Who knows, this time next year we might even be on a piece of land….Exciting stuff.