Work has stopped for now, principally because I’ve run out of money, which is a bugger, as I reckon I’m about £600 from finishing. Then just the exterior, and the solar / wind / battery costs, which I daren’t even think about for now, but which I suppose are about £400 / £600 / £250+ so another good £1200, which is bound to be £1500. Oh and then it’ll want painting, so maybe another £4-500. 
Any benefactors reading this, you know where to find me 🙂
Anyhow – here’s the living room which is at least decorated, and with woodburner blazing. Heat extractor seems to work, though not a vast amount of warm air being moved.
Front door – cant wait to get the place furnished
The computer case fan behind the vent pulls hot air through into the kitchen / bedroom

The sheet metal really makes a difference


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