This week has been the Growing Connections ‘Give it all you’ve got’ week, to get the project underway, and give everyone a chance to get involved and get to meet each other. 3 groups have been working on a hen enclosure and hen house; the erection of (surely the world largest) polytunnel; and my group, who have been building a TreeBog.
The term Treebog was first coined by Jay Abrahams, founder of Biologic Design and a Trustee of the Permaculture Association of Britain, after he observed that willow trees around the place where the contents from a ‘bucket and chuck it’ compost toilet was deposited were growing particularly vigourously.
We based our design on treebogs that we’d seen on the internet, and its pretty similar other than the roof, which has an overhang to help keep the weather off the loos. (excerpt from permawiki)
Here’s some photos taken over the first few days – its been a fantastic experience working with everyone on the project, and its amazing how much has been achieved in a short time. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and everyone has been fantastically hard working and good fun.


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