Another good day getting the last of the veg garden weeded, and what seems like the 100th barrow of old horse manure shifted up the hill and onto the beds. That is it all done at last, although I’ll keep on bringing more up over the winter as its bound to come in handy for mulching.
My next target was the area just outside the veg plot – it always suffers from really bad weeds, and being on the north/east sides, I decided to reuse a load of old feed bags, and silage wrap as a weed suppresant, and on top of that, a layer of manure and leaf mulch.
I’ve planted a load of willow cuttings through this, and also experimented with Ash cuttings too, though I have no idea at all if they will take.
Last job of the day was to cut the massive Leylandii on the south west side of the garden down to about 12′ high, from 20+ foot. Makes the garden so much lighter, but still high enough to stop anyone seeing in. With any luck it will give the native trees a chance to thrive now.
Took longer to shift the cut branches than it did to get up there with a chainsaw and cut them. Now all I have to do is find a use for a couple of ton of leylandii cuttings.


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