Today was a ceiling day. Here is what the ceilings in the house look like. Fairly flat and unassuming. You’d never guess that behind the surface lies this.

Yes, a time travelling ceiling. 20th century on the outside, 18th century on the inside. It has perhaps seen better days..

As here’s a section that has been lovingly repaired with hessian feed sacks. This, incidentally is going to be our bedroom.
And this will be the bathroom ceiling of course. Down the other end of the house, things aren’t just as civilised, as we do of course have the resident fungus to cope with. Its altogether damper…
And  a couple of fairly large lumps of timber and thatch dropped out as I worked. Its a shame to pull the old thatch out, but even if we were rich enough to rethatch it, the old stuff would have to come off, and I suspect that almost all that timber lath will have to be removed. The hope is that the good bits of timber (and they are few) will get reconstituted somewhere else. Tomorrow the full horror of what lies above the kitchen will be revealed…


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