The work on the house is barely complete and already our thoughts are turning to other (and equally important) things. Because we have a waterless loo, any waste water from the house is relatively clean greywater, which can be put through a reed bed system, before it arrives in a pond, which will eventually form part of our orchard.

Another really important item that is conspicuously missing at the moment is our wind turbine. You may recall that we lost the blades to metal fatigue just before moving it over here, but with any luck we’ll be getting some new ones shortly, and it will be time to reinstate the trusty turbine. It may occasionally be a bit scary, but I do miss it. Besides, we’ll have no lights come midwinter if it doesn’t come on line.
Add to that lot the need to get the polytunnel up – every time I pass the frame sitting by the house I feel a bit guilty that its not up yet.
Oh and apparently we are going to be parents in a few weeks, so I guess it is going to be a busy autumn.