After a year of my revolutionary ‘Active Neglect (TM)’ method of managing the veg plot, it was time for some fairly radical tidying up.
Several days of serious weeding later, and things are looking better…..The plot is nearly fenced round, and 20 barrows of seriously ancient horse manure have been added to the beds. A new raised bed increases by a third the amount of available growing space, and I’ve experimented with sheet mulching using cardboard on an 8′ square bed.
A new compost bin too, so its all taking shape. Coming soon, the greenhouse…The question is – plastic bottles or ‘normal’….If I have the patience to gather 1200 platic bottles, then it might happen..
Got to lay my hands on some apple trees and get some willow in to screen the plot from the prevailing wind, but that might have to wait a week or two.


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