Way back in April 2017 we were approached by a TV production company – Boundless – who make the BBC programme ‘Escape to the Country’. The premise of the programme being that people who want to well, escape to the country,  are shown several properties in the hope that they’ll buy one. Along the way they usually meet someone who is doing something related to their reasons for moving to the country, which is where we come in. Today ‘our’ episode went out, and we’ve got our three and a half minutes of screen time, which has turned out better than I thought it would, to be honest. Birch Cottage gets great coverage, and we had the opportunity to talk about how we live here on the farm.

escape to the country filming

Ruth and Stuart were looking for somewhere to live the Good Life, with enough land to grow their own food, breed Alpacas, and earn a crust, so we filmed a segment here, and showed them around the place, especially the accommodation as it is our main source of income, but also the off grid setup, and the ways that we’ve managed to make do and mend, and salvage materials to get Lackan up and running.

If you are in the UK you can watch the episode of Escape to the Country here

This was our third go at filming for TV, but I’m not sure we’ll win any awards, and are in no danger of getting star struck and giving up the day job. The crew were brilliant, and we managed to get lots of footage of Birch Cottage in.

As always, Lyra got to have a go with cameras and sound gear, and is probably the only child at school who doesn’t have a television but who has now been on it several times.