It seems like an age since we welcomed Rachel Allen and the crew from Big Mountain here to film for a programme called ‘Rachel Allen – A Cook’s adventure‘ celebrating the best of Northern Irish produce, but it was  screened on More 4 last night, and we’re really pleased with the results. The premise was that Rachel travelled around the country visiting producers and then cooking up delicious dishes, and Lackan Cottage Farm was one of 7 locations included.

Our contribution to the menu was potatoes and herbs for the champ, and being the smallest producer involved, we weren’t sure how much of a mention we would get, but it has turned out great. A poignant moment was seeing Missy the dog on screen – she always managed to get herself into shot somewhere.

The filming itself was great fun, and it is amazing how much time goes into producing what ends up as a four minute segment. It was also fascinating to travel up to Portrush to film inside the amazing house that they used for the cookery. It was designed by 2020 Architects and featured on Grand Designs, and really is spectacular.

If you missed it then the programme is available for a while on More 4 here – Rachel Allen – A Cook’s Adventure