Birch Cottage

The cottage was originally built in the early 1800’s, and we know little of it’s early life – only that in the 1950’s it was significantly repaired, and that a brother and his family lived in it for a number of years – several children were raised in it. Facilities were basic – a range cooker and no bathroom or inside running water. Needless to say we have improved things significantly.

In updating the cottage we have used local, natural materials where possible, and avoided any that use potentially harmful chemicals. The cottage is heavily insulated with woodfibre and sheep’s wool and uses an intelligent recycled paper climate control membrane, and lime plaster to maintain a healthy internal environment. Element such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cupboards are hand made from local timbers, and treated with non-toxic, food safe oils.

The cottage is powered entirely from our own solar pv and wind turbine installation, and we are entirely off grid for electricity, so ask guests to respect this in their usage.  Hot water and heating are provided by solar thermal panels, and a small woodburner, that also has a hotplate for a kettle or slow cooker.  No other boiler is needed – the cottage is carbon neutral in use.

Opposite the cottage you will find our own birch woodland, in which you are welcome to walk and relax. You’ll find the horses grazing in the field outside, and they are always pleased to say hello to visitors. The vegetable garden is open to visitors, and we make a selection of seasonal fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat available to guests.