Website design

Steve was a designer of things printed, and then websites for many years before giving it all up to come and make interesting buildings. He still designs and builds websites for other people if they ask, and also fixes broken websites (mainly wordpress) for other folk too. Static information sites, ecommerce and booking widgets are all possible.

If you need a website, give him a shout, it won’t cost the earth, and his work is priced fairly according to the time taken and how much complexity is involved. If you have a nephew who knows about websites, go on right ahead if he’s free.


On the other hand, here are some recent sites. Our own are here too, and we like to think that we appreciate what a good site needs as  business owners as well as  makers of websites.

Some times of year are busier here than others, and whilst we try to fit everything in, there may be times when we’re flat out with farm projects and can’t take on additional outside work, but we do our best to accommodate.