Having drawn inspiration from many sources, including Lloyd Kahn, Christopher Alexander, Christopher Day, and Simon Dale, we have been involved in a number of natural building projects.

Our own classroom, which is a timber frame with strawbale infill, strawbale insulated green roof, earth plaster and larch cladding; a  roundhouse with reciprocal roof and composting toilets at the Quarries Farm in Bangor, a short spell volunteering on the Community Hub at Lammas, and here in our own cottage renovation, as well as numerous other bits and pieces.

The ethos is simple – use natural materials where possible, with low embodied energy; and use materials sourced as locally as possible – on site where at all possible.

Reuse, upcycle, recycle, freecycle stuff where you can, and generally consider the impact of the way that we build.

Building design is important – not for us the sterile, rigid, hard edged; we believe in human scale environments designed to enhance the wellbeing of their occupants or users, and at the same time being efficient and well made.

Click here to see some of our projects below


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