2013-09-28 10.06.03


This weekend saw our first two day permaculture course, led by Hannah Mole, and we had a ball. After a frantic week of preparations by our wwoofers Bettina and Caroline, the place looked amazing, and the energy of having some 20 people on site was really uplifting. Special thanks to John and Rita who came down from Derry two days early to help us set up, and who did so much throughout the weekend to assist with keeping it all going.  Thankfully we were able to call on John and Elaine from the Turnip House to provide amazing food on Saturday and Sunday, which meant we had time to join in some of  the goings on.

2013-09-27 13.12.24


The girls made great signs to direct visitors – this one from Bettina, and it was lovely to have so many people camped out over the weekend.

2013-09-27 19.35.48


With the temporary classroom / dining area in place, we were good to go.

2013-09-28 10.04.49


The group getting to know each other’s names – the ball passing exercise was really effective.

2013-09-28 10.28.23


The Saturday morning session in the woodland, at its most beautiful with autumn colours.

2013-09-28 13.11.49


The firepit – one of our favourite areas throughout the weekend.

2013-09-28 15.21.32


It was humbling to have so many people want to hear more about our journey, and experiences throughout the past year.

2013-09-28 15.28.29


and on a more down to earth note, to investigate our humanure. Which, I should add, is odour free..

2013-09-28 15.38.51


Small scale wind and solar were popular topics – just look at the blade flex on the little turbine, captured in a fairly stiff breeze.

photo (80)Sunday, and the group put theory into practice in the forest garden area.

photo (84)


Using modelling and random assembly techniques to plan a site and develop ideas.

2013-09-28 12.43.46

Veronica concentrating on her observation.

2013-09-27 19.50.06


We can’t wait to do it all again……