Poor little Sherafey, she has had a hard few weeks. Having finally found her a friend she got on with in the form of Mabel, she was bereaved after just a week here on the farm when we sadly lost Mabel to colic. The following day she ran through a wire fence and and cut her back legs to bits. There followed weeks of solid rain, which she hates, and luckily no permanent damage was done and she healed well. I don’t think people think that horses can grieve, but the poor wee soul has been bereft.
Her monthus horribilis came to a head when she escaped and nearly drowned in the drainage ditch. At the moment I found here there she looked utterly beaten, but a couple of weeks later and she is making good progress, and a bit of sun is helping her no end, although she is still pacing her field and displaying typically anxious behaviour from time to time.
We are spending as much time as possible with her while we look for a companion, and work on her stables continues apace.
Perhaps because of all that has happened to her in her short life, she is amazingly tolerant of new experiences, and she was fascinated on the twelfth morning, when the local Orange Order band paraded down our little road. They were very gracious and stopped playing as they passed, but she stood and listened to the pipes and drums until they were out of sight.