The biggest agricultural show in Northern Ireland is Balmoral, and we make an annual pilgrimage to go and inspect the amazing variety of sheep, cows, pigs, goats and fowl, as well as sample the amazing local produce that is becoming ever more prevalent. Sheep of the year goes to this chap, sporting a quite magnificent (and yet not terribly practical) set of horns.


Wandering around the food tent, we came across an old friend, Caroline, who came and volunteered with us in 2013. She never got as far as her home in Sweden, and is now a full time volunteer (and soon to be employee) at Broughgammon Farm up in Ballycastle. I can confirm that their home made goat burgers are fantastic.



Lyra meanwhile has entered a competition to win a pair of breeding hoggets, and here she is admiring her potential winnings. We always head straight to the Farmers Journal stand for free tea and biscuits, and they are far and away the most welcoming of the farm newspapers.


After a full day of walking eating and inspecting, don’t we all wish we could be wheeled around whilst we take a well earned nap..