Something of a busman’s holdiay this, but some time ago I helped our friend Brian (of Woodhill Farm) to put up his polytunnel frame, and ever since we’ve been waiting for the weather to be warm and wind-free enough to put the cover on. To hope for sun wasn’t too optimistic, but since the polytunnel is sited halfway up a mountain, the latter was more tricky. Anyhow at 8am the call came, so Josiane, Isabelle (our wwoof volunteers from Canada) and I headed off to get the cover on. The first job was to put hot spot tape on the frame…


Then lay the cover out ready,


and having pulled it over the frame, clamp it into the base rails on either side, so that it could be tensioned.


Pretty soon we had it drum tight over the sides, and here we are finishing off the ends, which after 5 or 6 polytunnels I am finally getting the hang of..


Here it is at the end of the day, ready to have the plastic cut out of the doorways, but super tight. The downside of leaving the doors uncut turned out to be that temperatures inside must have been in the 40’s. A relief to see the tunnel more or less complete at last, and just the doors to hang now, and she’s ready to go.